Departments & Ministries

Sunday School Department
The Bibleway churches' Sunday school department caters for the following age groups:
Under 5s
5 to 8 years
8 to 11 years
12 to 17 years
Parents are encouraged to bring their children to church enabling them to fulfil the motto that "Sunday school builds godly character".  
The department also caters for new converts and new members who need a basic understanding of the Word of God. 
Adult members and mature christians also have an opportunity to particpate in advanced Bible study and Evangelism courses.
Each local church normally has a Sunday school operational depending on the size of the church.

Youth Department
The Young people's department generally caters for all young people and young adults who have a desire to come to church.
Its main aim is to provide an ongoing Programme that will aid the growth and the development of young people, in the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of God's word and to provide an atmosphere for young christians to meet and fellowship with their own peers.
The Bibleway church endeavours to have a youth department in every local church which shall include activities such as:
Youth services
Singing, Praise and Worship
Youth prayer meetings
Drama nights
Youth outreach & evangelism
Sports events
Social events
Over the years, the Bibleway youth department has created a Young people's manual for the development and growth of our youth departments in the local churches. It can be found at the old Greater Bibleway Church youth webpage

Men's Ministry
church conducts men's ministry services and activities in order to help all men be the godly man that the Lord has called them to be. Men are described in the Bible as the head of the family. Being a spiritual head does not mean dominating your family. It means loving and serving your family, and being a godly example to your wife and children.
Men's ministry activities include services, workshops, training, working with men in employment, supporting unemployed men, social events, house meetings, trips and excursions.
Women's Ministry
The Women's ministry in our church is a place where women are exhorted to know God more intimately and experience the true power of salvation through Jesus Christ. The ultimate purpose of the ministry is to empower women to seek and fulfill their true God given purposes in life and in the church.
Activities include services, workshops, training, pamper days, social events and more.

Gospel Choir
Our local churches endeavour to provide gospel choirs for the local community.
The Choir, first and foremost, normally sings at Church Services and Christian events, they also serve the local community by singing at local charity events to help worthy causes.
Cambridge GBC Choir
The Cambridge GBC Choir has performed at venues such as the Corn Exchange, Great St. Mary's Church, Kings College, Ely Cathedral and at local schools such as Netherhall, Coleridge St. Phillips and Meldreth Manor.

The Choir has taken part in local music festivals and was asked by the local Council to sing at the Cambridge Millennium Celebration, singing the City into the new Millenium at Parker's Piece at the stroke of midnight. The Choir draws members from a Multi Cultural background and has people of varying ages, which gives the Choir its unique sound. 
The Choir is self-funding and relies on donations from the events we perform at. The choir may be booked for functions by contacting the us.