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6 Baptisms in Enfield

posted 7 Jun 2010, 14:42 by Alfred Duncan   [ updated 28 Jun 2010, 16:09 by Admin @Bibleway ]
On Friday 4th June 2010 six new members of the Shiloh Bibleway church in Enfield were baptised in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Some of the baptism candidates heard a radio broadcast teaching by Bishop L.A. Williams which included the subject of baptism and were touched by the anointed teaching. Others  had attended the local church and decided to be baptised having been moved by the Holy spirit in the service. The candidates were baptised at the Albany swimming leisure centre in Enfield which is next door to the church. A mini service was conducted with the candidates and a few of the senior Bibleway members. The Baptism was conducted by Bishop L.A. Williams. (See the slide show below).
We welcome those  new born children of God to the Kingdom of God !

Baptisms in Enfield ‎(Friday 4th June 2010)‎

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