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Bishop visits Southern Africa and Kenya, Establishing Many Churches

posted 21 Oct 2012, 10:32 by Admin @Bibleway   [ updated 21 Oct 2012, 10:39 ]
Bishop Williams in the early part of Q4 2012 visited South Africa followed by Kenya. The Mission visits were very productive establishing churches where ever he went. Bishop reported that the trip was a very arduous one and having had to spend hours on the Kenyan roads to get to his final destinations he said that it reminded him of how the Apostle Paul felt on his journey's in Acts risking perils and trouble in a foreign land. 

We are greatly thankful that God was with the Apostle Williams on his journeys. He has transformed the lives of Pastors and church leaders, and ministered to many Africans causing a great conversion of souls to the Lord.

The Liaising officer in Kenya, Bishop Designate Martin Barasa reports his appreciation and many thanks for the work done by Apostle Williams in the follow snippets of emails:

Email 1:
"Hello papa and Apostle Williams!!
Praise God. Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ!!
We are well and we trust that you are well too!!
How is your family and the church???
We had very powerful service in our church yesterday!!
Receive greetings and love from my wife,Evangelist Dorothy and all our members!!We really appreciate all your prayers and efforts to pray for our church!!Papa your coming to our church has really left a great impact  to our church in Bukembe!!!!!!!!!!!!Our church is increasing numerically and the Lord is bringing new believers every Sunday service.Papa our church right now is very full and we are looking forward for many souls into the Kingdom of God!!
Apostle,our church is really excited at all your plans for Kenya and Africa!! We receive all your plans with open hearts and we promise you that we shall implement all your projects that you will establish in every one of our churches!!..."

Email 2:

"Hello papa and Apostle Williams!!

Praise God. Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ!!
How are you papa?? How is your family?? How is the church??
We are well and we trust that you are well too!!

Papa everything is going on well here in Kenya!! Many people are excited at your ministry and the principles to run the ministry!! Receive greetings and love from my wife, Evangelist Dorothy and the church!!
Apostle Williams,your coming was the right time for churches here in Kenya!!!!!!!! We have really attended many conferences but we have been mislead by preachers!! You are the right ministry with the right biblical doctrines!!!
Our pastors are very much excited to surrender their churches to your ministry and your leadership!!

Papa we have now other 10 churches that have joined your ministry!! We have moved together with overseer Jocktan and visited them!!!They are really excited to be part of BibleWay Gospel Churches World Wide UK/Kenya!!!..."

Ministry Leadership structure:

The following ministry leadership structure has been established in Kenya as a result of Apostle Williams visit:


a)      Apostle

Bishop Lynwal A Williams

b)      Bishop Designate

Martin Barasa wangila

c)      Assistant Bishop Designate

Pastor Jocktan Wafula

d)     National Secretary General Designate

Evangelist Dorothy Wandukwa

e)      National Treasurer Designate

Pastor Patrick Wekesa

f)       National Evangelist Designate

Pastor Reuben Barasa

g)      Assistant Theological Coordinator Designate

Pastor Emmanuel Bukhebi

h)      Clergy Wives President Designate

Mrs. Phoebe Barasa

i)        Director of Administration

Sis Esther Otwane




1)      District Overseer Designate(WEBUYE REGION)

Pst Jocktan Wafula

2)      District Overseer Designate(KAKAMEGA REGION)

Pst Antony Wekesa

3)      District Overseer Designate (BUNGOMA REGION)

Pst Patrick Wekesa




a)      Women council president designate

Mrs. Anna Barasa

b)      Women council secretary designate

Mrs. Gladys Musungu

c)      Women council treasurer designate

Mrs. Anna Makokonya.


a)      Men’s council president designate

Pst Patrick Simiyu

b)      Men’s council secretary designate

Mr. Benson Makokonya

c)      Men’s council treasurer

Mr. Zadock Okumu.


a)      Youth council president designate

Mr. Elisha Wekesa

b)      Youth council secretary designate

Mrs. Beatrice Wafula

c)      Youth council treasurer designate

Mr. Chris Wafula Webi


a)      Sunday school president designate

Mrs. Tina Simiyu

b)      Sunday school secretary designate

Mrs Lydia Milimo

c)      Sunday School Treasurer Designate

Mrs. Rebecca Maina