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Church conducts memorial service for victim of Gun Crime

posted 13 Jul 2010, 14:24 by Admin @Bibleway   [ updated 29 Jul 2010, 11:33 ]
On 11 July 2010 the Bibleway church led by Bishop L.A. Williams in Hackney, conducted a memorial service in memory of a local radio DJ who was unlawfully gunned down a week ago.
The family and friends of the deceased were overwhelmed with emotion and God's spirit as songs, hymns and words of encouragement were expressed.
The service was concluded by a moving and soul searching message for the community from the Bishop, who encouraged families, friends and all those associated with the DJ to not allow further distress and hurt by applying their own retribution. He encouraged that the only way to overcome and change the murderous attitude of certain individuals in the community is to forgive. The DJ's legacy should be left untarnished by avoiding any act of vengeant retaliation. God will bring every man's actions to judgement. Final retribution is in the hands of God. 
Undoubtedly all who attended had left with great consolation and reason to move forward with their eyes on the Lord.