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Church gets involved at The Mill Road Winter Fair

posted 8 Dec 2010, 14:39 by Admin @Bibleway   [ updated 17 Dec 2010, 17:23 ]
On Saturday the 4th Dec. the very popular Mill Road Winter Fair had commenced again for the year 2010 at 10am.
The whole event begun with some lively renditions of choruses, songs and Christmas carols from our very own GBC gospel choir. The choir did a marvelous job of preceding and preparing the fair for its grand opening with speeches from the organiser (Suzy Oakes), from the sponsors and from the Mayor of Cambridge.
The choir consists of Mother L. O. Williams (Choir Director), Elder David Ogunlana, Missionary Diana Ogunlana, Elder Alf Duncan, Missionary Kay Duncan, Brother Wallace Williams, with the musicians James Duncan (guitar) and Michael Duncan (keyboard). (Unfortunately a few of the other members were unable to attend this time round).
The choir was also accompanied by Bishop L.A. Williams (Pastor of Cambridge Church and Bishop of the UK Diocese and Overseas Missions) who introduced and closed their activities.
Elder Duncan presented a 15 minute presentation on the subject of the "The greatest gift of all" to help launch the Passion Plinth with the choir.
Missionary Duncan and Michael Duncan also ran a gift and cake stall at the event. Other contributers who supported the stall were Mother Williams, Missionary Ogunlana and Rebecca & Reuben Clover.
We would like to thank the organisers of the event for allowing the church to play a major part at the fair. Special thanks to Suzy Oakes for selecting the choir to launch the event and Beth Harper for selecting a good slot for us at the Passion Plinth.
Most of all, thanks goes to the one who always makes these events possible, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Photos and Videos of the above activities are shown below.
More details and photos of the Mill Road winter fair can be found at their website:

Bibleway Gospel Choir at the Mill Road Winter Fair

GBC Gospel Choir at the Mill Road Fair - Start


GBC Gospel Choir - Silent Night


GBC Gospel Choir - Jesus is the Light 1


The Greatest Gift of All Presentation

GBC Gospel Choir - Jesus is the Light 2