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Interview with a Young Christian Talent

posted 18 Sept 2010, 12:55 by Admin @Bibleway   [ updated 18 Sept 2010, 13:35 ]
 Daniel 'Ojo' Ogunlana is interviewed about his latest entrance into the Peterborough Development Centre for Hockey.

What is your name ?
Daniel "Ojo" Ogunlana

How old are you ?
13 years on 20th September.
How many years have you been playing hockey ?  4 years
How did you progress in hockey over the 4 years ?
I played for St. Philip's Primary School hockey teams for the first few years.
Then I was scouted by Cambridge City and played with them for some of the season.
In 2009 I played for Cambridge Nomads and was the highest scorer throughout that season.
What position do you play ?
Up front.
Have you won any competitions ?
I won Cups in 2007 and 2008 at St. Philip's school.
Who are you playing for now ?
I got invited to trials with Peterborough Hockey Development Centre and was chosen as one of 20 out of 60 boys.
I am now training at the Cambridge branch of the Development centre, which will continue for 2 years.
What are your aspirations ?
I want to go to the 2016 Olympic games
What part did God play in your talent ?
The Lord played a very big part in all of my hockey career because even when I didn't spend a lot of time training and was unfit, I still got into the Development Centre.
What is your message to other young people ?
Keep on trying and pray to God !