Community Activites

This is a Pentecostal Gospel Church that is involved in a programme designed to provide Christian support for people of all ages and backgrounds in their local communities.


Some of the activities that we do are:



Christian counselling is provided for the depressed, the homeless, the socially excluded, and the troubled.
Family counselling for husbands and wives, children and siblings.

Business counselling for managers, engineers, teachers, health workers, and all types of employed people.




Providing informal education for life skills, Christian ethics and for moral development.



Performances at various events such as Gospel concerts, private parties, weddings and funerals.

Gospel Singing opportunities for members and local public members.
You can book our Gospel choir for your special occasions at a reasonable cost to cover expenses and travelling arrangement this is normally for weddings and other important occasion. Please contact us for any bookings stating that you want to book the Gospel choir.



Breakfast, lunches and dinners are provided for local citizens (usually benefitting single parents, single people)

Books, leaflets, presentation stalls providing ethical education