Apostle & Mother Williams


Apostle L A Williams

THE RIGHT REVEREND LYNWAL A. WILLIAMS AP (Apostle) was born in the year 1958 and was raised in Jamaica.  At the age of 17, he came to UNITED KINGDOM to join his parents and further his studies.

On the fifteenth of May 1977, approximately one year after his arrival, he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal saviour; he was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and was filled with the Holy Spirit, this became a turning point in his life.

In 1978, he was appointed a curate (exhorter), and the following year a Minister of religion (Elder). He became renowned for his uncompromising preaching of the ‘whole gospel’. He moved on to become the Young Peoples president of the Bible Way Worldwide UK organisation, where he continued to gain experience in administrations and leadership, also forming the first Bible way all Male Choir. He studied theology at the U.P.C TRAINING INSTUTE AND ENGINEERING AT THE NOTH-WEST COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY LONDON N.W.10.

In January 1984, he was sent to pastor the Greater Bibleway Gospel Church in Cambridge, which has been serving the community of Cambridge for the last 26 years. His first sermon was taken from Joshua Chapter One, based on the promises of God to Joshua.  In May of the same year, the then Minister Williams (now Pastor) was official ordained as a minister of religion (or Elder). A few years later he was appointed District Elder, followed by his consecration to the Bishopric of the Bible Way Worldwide UK organisation(Pentecostal). He was then assigned to the  East and West UK Jurisdiction, and eventually became the Diocesan Bishop of the UK Diocese and Overseas Missions director.  His achievement continued in 2007 where he was affirmed as an Apostle to the world, following in the foot steps of others like Peter, Paul, John and some resent modern day apostles such as  the late ASPOSTLE S.E.WILLIAMS, BISHOP L.E.WHITE  and APOSTLE HUIE L ROGERS.

Since his arrival in Cambridge, a profound difference has been seen in both the way things have developed within the local community, as well as the Church itself. He immediately established closer working relationships with community based groups, along with universities, colleges and schools, SETTING UP A COMMUNITY COLLEGE OFFERING OCR, COMPETIA, JOB CENTRE PLUS, WORK BASE LEARNING UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES WITH PARTNER UNIVERSITIES IN LONDON, ENGLISH LANGUAGE WITH CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITIES, PLUS MORE. This was under the CAMBRIDGE ADVANCE TECHNOLOGIES TRAINING INSTITUTE (CATT) in order to give people a new sense of direction. These activities were creating opportunities for members of the ethnic population to take a more active role in their community by offering their talents, gifts and abilities and in turn developing a more harmonious working relationship.

The work of Apostle Williams has extended to many places around the country. His pursuits have also taken him to other continents of the world. Working tirelessly preaching the gospel and working with the Holy Spirit in delivering the sick, counselling and comforting the poor, and bringing hope to the depressed.

He has also assisted in educational development programmes; with fundraising and donations for the provision of educational materials and financial aid. These activities stretch from Nigeria, Sera-Leone, Ghana in West Africa, to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania in East Africa, South India, Asia, British Guyana, South America, Barbados, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Jamaica in the West Indies.

Over the past twenty six years, Apostle Williams has counselled with distinguished individuals such as the Prime Minister of Guyana and senior government officials from other countries, church leaders from various religious backgrounds, including foreign and local community workers. This was done with the aim of diminishing and eliminating cultural and racial bigotry. The general intention has always been to develop a better multi-cultural, multi-racial community with greater understanding and tolerance among people of differing backgrounds, race and colour.  

Mother O. L. Williams,
Apostle’s beloved wife, has been standing faithfully by his side. The Lord called her and her husband into the Pastoral ministry in 1984 while they were living in London. For many months she found herself travelling back and forth between London and Cambridge for the love of the ministry until God provided a permanent place for them in Cambridge.


In twenty six years of serving the ministry in Cambridge she has worked as an Evangelist, Youth president, Women’s ministry president, Missionaries’ president, Clergy Wives’ president and Choir Director.


Under her leadership the GBC Gospel Choir has performed at many community and church events, in particular at the Cambridge Millennium night celebrations as the main performers in front of over forty thousand citizens.


The Family

The Apostle and Mother Williams have been blessed with three fantastic sons who are now young gentlemen, Leon, Shean and Wallace. They all have not forsaken the ways of God and are all great achievers, only because they have learned how to worship God in Spirit and in truth.