Bishop L.A. Williams (Chairman)
Elder D. Ogunlana
Missionary K. Duncan
Minister L. Williams

The Bibleway Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ World Wide Inc was

founded by Apostle Smallwood E.Williams in 1957 in Washington DC

(“Bibleway US”). Various churches were established in other parts of the

world which were in association with Bibleway US, including a church in

Lewisham founded by Bishop Leon Edgar White in the late 1950s. Over the

succeeding years other churches associated with Bibleway US were

founded in other parts of the United Kingdom (and other parts of the


Bishop L.A. Williams of Cambridge, now the chairman of the charity, was responsible for establishing many missions both at home and abroad for the Bibleway Church.


The charitable trust known as the Bibleway Church of Our Lord Jesus

Christ Worldwide (United Kingdom) (registered charity no 263117) (“the

Bibleway Charitable Trust”) was constituted by a trust deed 25 August

1971 (“the Trust Deed”) and varied by a deed dated 31 May 1978


The Trustee board of the charity takes counsel from our professional team of accountants and solicitors and from the executive board of senior Elders and Missionaries and from its members via regular members meetings to govern the Charity’s activities.

The Trustees regularly monitor and evaluate the work of the Charity in relation to meeting its objectives.